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Bitcoin Mastery 2.0

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel when you can copy the approach of a millionaire crypto trader

We are going to put you ‘ahead of the curve’ of most other people with the principles we are about to share with you…

In the next few minutes, you are going to see why right now is the best time for you to get involved in the digital currency space and how anyone with a computer and internet can partake in the swelling and ground-breaking digital economic disruption. 

It allowed many to quit their jobs, pay off their homes, pay for their kid’s education and some were able to retire happy.

Here are just some of the things we cover inside the course…

Bitcoin Mastery 2.0
Blockchain 101

Blockchain 101

Bitcoin & blockchain education

Bitcoin Tutorials

Bitcoin Tutorials

Learning how to buy & store Bitcoin

10 Commandments

10 Commandments

Guide and principles to safe and secure trading

Trading Fundamentals

Trading Fundamentals

(9) videos

Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental Analysis

(8) videos

Technical Analysis

Technical Analysis

Understanding ebbs and flows of the market

Trading Strategies

Trading Strategies

Our most popular methods are found here

Exchange Training

Exchange Training

Learn the ins-and-outs of top exchanges

HOT Crypto Picks

HOT Crypto Picks

Portfolio and reference guide. Dozens of coins.

Crypto Mining

Crypto Mining

Mining tutorials for multiple coins

Tax Docs

Tax Docs

Important information and resources for taxes

Bonus Content

Bonus Content

A growing list of material and training

We also have a fantastic community of active traders where you can chat and learn from experienced members via a free mobile app. Get instant access to this and much more when you sign up today.

But first..

There is so much misinformation, it’s easy to get lost and lose money. 

Would you let your barber fix your car? Would you take medical advice from a clown? Then does it make sense to learn about Bitcoin from someone that just discovered it in 2020?

We have seen a lot of “Crypto experts” appear out of the woods lately.

Some are well intended. Others have a nefarious plot to suck money out of your bank account. 

We want to make sure you are well educated, prepared and aware of these traps that many people fall for during their crypto journey and learning experience. 

Keep reading if you are ready to be ahead of the curve and want insight into the fastest growing mega trend that is happening right under your nose.

If you are tired of being in the dark while watching your friends and family make a fortune with crypto, you are at the right place.

We take absolute newbies and turn them into crypto profit wizards

And we educate you on the stuff that matters; that will make a lasting impact with every decision you make going forward when it comes to money and crypto. 

Creating Generational Wealth

There is a common belief that if you spend 10,000 hours studying any subject, you will become an expert on that topic.

That’s exactly what we did with crypto.

We obsessed over it and learned everything we could in the last six years.

We entrenched ourselves in the industry and shared with as many people as we could.

Nobody knew what we were talking about but they could tell we were enthusiastically confident about the upcoming disruption in the global financial system.

Those who originally followed us and took action have changed their financial lives forever. 

What we witnessed in 2017 during the great Bitcoin bull run was something that usually happens once in a lifetime, if that.

Many of our friends and family who got crypto were able to appreciate gains of 20,000% – 75,000%!

As phenomenal as it was to see people around us become instantly wealthy, we sincerely believe that was just the start. 

There are several reasons to join

New to Bitcoin

You see the enormous potential crypto offers and want to jump in

You want more coins

You own Bitcoin and want to get your hand on alternative coins

Self sufficiency

You want to learn how to research coin projects to find future winners


You own a few coins and want to learn how to trade them for more profit

Catch the trends

You want to learn how to read charts and understand market movements

More knowledge

You dabble with trading crypto and want to expand your knowledge with advanced tips 

Up your game

You are an experienced stock or forex trader and want to apply what you know to crypto

History Repeating Itself

While the financial gatekeepers have done everything in their power to keep you from knowing the information I am about to share, some of the largest and most recognized banking and credit card institutions have silently been prepping and arranging for the transition into a digital currency economy.

If you bought at the right time, 2017 transformed your financial future. 

We believe the 2017 Bitcoin bull run was minor in comparison to the tsunami bull run that is coming.

Bitcoin Mastery 2.0
Bitcoin Mastery 2.0

Nobody knew what Bitcoin was when we first got into it.

Fast forward a few years, banks have built entire crypto trading platforms and infrastructure that replaces the need for international money wires. 

What exactly does that mean to you?

Banks and governments are adopting crypto.

The green light to flip the switch is getting closer and closer everyday.

And you can position yourself to massively profit from this situation with the right guidance and training. 

Opportunities are everywhere

but there are only a few that can transform your financial future for generations.

Rarely can the average person get involved in something to create such immense wealth. 

Unlike in the past where you had to be in a secret meeting with the elite of the world to even be aware of these windfall opportunities; Bitcoin is available to everyone globally.

Now, all you need is a phone and internet access and you can participate in the roaring Bitcoin economy.  

Why do we think this is happening?

You don’t need to look very far to realize the global economy is in trouble. Governments print more money as a band-aid to the problem, only creating more debt.

Eventually, they create so much debt the currency becomes worthless and inflation begins, which leads to hyperinflation and stagnant economies.

Thought the US dollar was invincible from past errors?

The old economy, the era of the US dollar appears to be crumbling and winding down fast as it’s unable to relieve itself of the multi-trillion dollar debt burden. 

Not just the dollar, but several currencies around the world with debt-ridden nations.

Bitcoin Mastery 2.0

This is where the extraordinary opportunity to profit with crypto comes in.

The greatest transfer of wealth

Don’t be fooled by the red, white, and blue glitter and streamers, if you live in the US or another country that looks prosperous. It’s not. 

Covid-19 exposed many 1st world countries that were pretending to have their finances under control. 

And we can see the cloth lest empires trying to hide now

This is where governments are being forced to make a choice right now

More on that in a moment…

Bitcoin Mastery 2.0

In 2009, we had a slight glimpse into what economic disaster could look like.

Out of this concern and shaken faith in our economy, Bitcoin was born.

Bitcoin was created as an alternative decentralized economic platform which operates outside the government-issued fiat currency system, available should we ever face a situation so dire; you are forced to escape the dollar and protect your money elsewhere.

Enter 2020.  When a single country racks up $25 trillion in debt, this doesn’t even count the $125 trillion in unfunded liabilities like Medicare and Medicaid, we begin to run into an issue and see our future outcome if we don’t get things in order.

Usually, we just print more money. 

But this time might be different.

Debt + Stagnant economy + innovation = opportunity

Banks and governments are already on top of it.  They have an exit plan.

Do you think they are willing to lose their financial status and go into the grave like the dollar?

No, they are using this opportunity to grow their wealth 100x. And they can’t get wealthy without at least leaving some clues.

Copy what the rich and successful are doing or you can keep playing with fire and hope it works out in the end.

Follow the money clues

This is the perfect black swan event to dump the fiat currency system that has crashed our global economy and involuntarily forced the world citizens to accept trillions of dollars of debt.

They realize the jig is up.  

All government issued money eventually crashes to ZERO.

Are we at zero yet?

We don’t know but we are not going to sit and wait to find out.

Success ALWAYS leave a trail.

And that is what we have been doing for the last several years is follow trails and it’s created unbelievable profits for ourselves and our family of Bitcoin Lifestyle Clubbers. 

You still have a window of opportunity.

Bitcoin Mastery 2.0

That means, right now, before banks completely and publicly endorse crypto, you have a chance to leverage the enormous profits to be gained as a flood of people enter the market for the first time, likely pushing us far beyond prices we have seen or can possibly imagine. 

Most can agree that almost everything in life happens due to timing.

You can wait and watch from the sidelines and kick yourself later for missing out on gaining this extremely valuable information to help you make more profits. 

Or, you can decide to not procrastinate any further and take action today.

You know by now Bitcoin is real. You have seen the numbers, the charts and you have seen credible sources discuss Bitcoin and crypto. 

You just need a reliable mentor and coach that truly understands what they are doing so you can copy someone that has a history of success.

Mentor For Your Crypto Journey

When you sign up with our Bitcoin Lifestyles Club today, not only do you get access to our growing library of crypto trading and crypto mining profits videos but many our members say the most valuable resource we have is our active and supportive community of traders via our slack chat group which has multiple categories and topics.

We made sure to include in this course anything we believed was valuable to us on our crypto learning journey.

This is like getting an advanced degree in crypto trading and mining from some of the best crypto experts in the world.

Not sure what mining is? Don’t worry, we will cover all that in detail with videos.

We have some students that have learned how to build mining rigs that produce Bitcoin or other cryptos and then sell those to others for an extra income.

The potential to profit with the information you learn in this course is endless.

This course is already one of the most comprehensive crypto courses on the planet at an unbeatable rate but we never stop working for.

You only pay one time and you will get lifetime access to all our content and any future material we release in the course.

Bitcoin Mastery 2.0

Discover The Multiple Ways To Profit with Crypto.

One of the most comprehensive Bitcoin trading and mining courses on the planet.


    “If you ever wanted to know more about Bitcoin, or if you ever wondered how to make some extra money from this industry, I would seriously recommend Caleb Wright over and over again! Buy everything this guy puts out 100% X the value then what he charges!”

    Brian Varga
  • Priceless

    “Caleb is one of those (with Patrick just below) who got me into the Bitcoin universe late 2015. The mini course may be useful to a lot of people but even better is the group access where like-minded people share their knowledge together, which is like to be part of a mastermind – and that’s priceless.”

    Steve Bourgeois
  • Truly Amazing!

    “This course is truly amazing. It’s packed full of useful information that has been tested and proven to work. Mastering the knowledge Caleb has put together here could completely change your financial situation and your life.”

    Nick Wendell

Chris Rice Crypto

Crypto Trader

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Have questions before you start?


Yes.  Our training is designed from the ground up for the complete crypto newbie who has never used bitcoin.  We will help you get your start with bitcoin & the crypto market starting with the basics, with easy to follow tutorial videos.


No.  Trading does not have to be a full time activity.  We provide you with crypto trading strategies that will suit your needs, whether you want to be an active ‘daytrader’ or a less active but super profitable investor level or swing trader.


Yes.  With access to our ‘Crypto Markets Mastermind’ chat group [hosted on the free Slack app], you will have a powerful and experienced community to interact with.  Our mastermind has been running since 2015, and has experienced traders from all over the world sharing their research, analysis and tradings strategies.  You can also access me directly via private message on the app for help.


No.  You do not need a lot of money to get started with the crypto markets and start developing your success story.  We have had members who have started with as little as $200$-300 USD, who have multiplied their money many times over.


We only trade cryptocurrencies with the strongest fundamentals and chances for success in the marketplace, based on our market research since 2015.  We provide you with a curated list of the best crypto projects / trading opportunities the market has to offer. 


We put you on the fast track to success with crypto, while helping you avoid the various potholes along the way, so you can ultimately maximise your profit.

Our training and community will keep you on track so you don’t waste time making any of the common, money losing mistakes that are made by so many crypto newbies. 

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