Crypto Trading Mastery Course Syllabus

[80+ Training Videos!  Includes Access to the BLC Crypto Mastermind Chat Group on Slack]

  1. Start Your Bitcoin Lifestyles Blockchain Education [6 videos]
  2. Learn How To Get Bitcoin [1 video]
  3. Bitcoin Wallet Tutorials – [Including cold storage wallet tutorials!] [3 videos]
  4. Fundamentals of Crypto Trading [11 videos]
    2. Crypto Trader’s Mindset & Market Psychology Training
    3. Security Fundamentals To Protect Your Accounts
    4. Learn Satoshi Value
    5. Managing Your Emotions & Becoming A Trading Ninja
    6. How To Read Japanese Candlesticks & Charts
    7. Crypto Day Trading Basics / Fundamentals
    8. Risk Management Fundamentals
    9. Example Money Management Strategy
    10. Bitcoin UP Altcoins DOWN Explained
    11. Finding Support & Resistance Levels
  5. Fundamental Analysis / Market Research Strategies – [4 videos]
    1. What Creates Value In A Cryptocurrency
    2. How-To Do Your Own Market Research
    3. ICO / Initial Coin Offering Research Fundamentals
  6. Technical Analysis / Strategies – [19 videos]
    1. Crypto Market Charting Platform Walkthrough / Tutorial
    2. Understanding Market Cycles Part 1: Theory
    3. Understanding Market Cycles Part 2: In The Charts
    4. How To Identify & Trade Engulfing Candles [POWERFUL TREND REVERSAL SIGNAL]
    5. How To Identify Continuation Patterns: Ascending Triangles & Bull & Bear Pennants
    6. How To Identify Reversal Patterns: Double Bottoms & Double Tops
    7. How To Identify Reversal Patterns #2: Head & Shoulders
    8. How To Use Moving Averages: Simple & Exponential
    9. How To Use The Fibonacci Retracement Tool [BASIC FIB TRAINING]
    10. Fibonacci Retracement Study, Pt. 2 [ADVANCED FIB TRAINING]
    11. How To Use The Fibonacci Extension Tool
    12. How To Use Momentum Indicators To Predict Trend Reversals
    13. How To Analyze Volume & Momentum Using The Money Flow Index [+POWERFUL TRADING STRATEGY]
    14. How To Use Bollinger Bands Like A Pro [+POWERFUL TRADING STRATEGY]
    15. How To Identify & Trade The Adam & Eve Double Bottom Pattern [BEAR MARKET / TREND REVERSAL INDICATOR]
    16. How To Use The MACD [Moving Average Convergence Divergence] Momentum Indicator
    17. How to Analyze Volume Using The ‘On Balance Volume’ [OBV] Indicator
    18. How To Use Elliott Wave Theory To Dominate A Bull Market [+POWERFUL TRADING STRATEGY]
    19. Understanding David Wykoff Theory / Method of Trading
  7. Advanced Crypto Trading Strategies [6 videos]
    1. Types of Trading Strategies
    2. Crypto Portfolio Building Strategy
    3. Additional POWERFUL Trading Strategies With Step By Step Directions ANYONE Can Follow To Dominate The Market Cycles of Crypto!
  8. Crypto Portfolio Picks & Market Research Resources [7 videos]
  9. Learn How To Use The Cryptocurrency Exchanges [21 videos]
      1. [Bittrex & Binance are unavailable in some US States.]
    2. Binance Exchange Tutorials
      1. How To Register & Secure Your Trading Account
      2. Binance Exchange Platform Overview
      3. How To Deposit / Withdraw Bitcoin To Your Account
      4. How To Buy & Sell From Order Book
      5. How To Place Strategic Buy & Sell Orders
      6. How To Place Stop-Limit Buy & Sell Orders
    3. Bittrex Exchange Tutorials [For US Traders in most States]
      1. How To Register & Secure Your Trading Account
      2. Bittrex Exchange Platform Overview
      3. How To Deposit Bitcoin / Withdraw To Your Account
      4. How-To Buy & Sell From Order Book
      5. How To Place Strategic Buy & Sell Orders
    4. Poloniex Exchange Tutorials [ONLY FOR INTERNATIONAL TRADERS]
      1. How To Register & Secure Your Trading Account
      2. Poloniex Exchange Platform Overview
      3. How To Deposit Bitcoin To Your Account
      4. How-To Buy & Sell From The Order Book
      5. How To Place Strategic Buy & Sell Orders
      6. How To Place Stop-Limit Buy & Sell Orders
      7. Margin Trading: How To Short An Altcoin
      8. How To Earn Passively With Swap Lending
  10. Market Information Resources
  11. Trading Resources & Bonuses [2 videos]
  12. Crypto Tax Resources
    1. Current Knowledge
    2. Crypto Trading Tracking Software [for taxes]
    3. Tax Professionals Who Specialize In Crypto Tax Treatment
  13. Join The Bitcoin Lifestyles Club Community [2 Videos]
    1. Private Day Trading Chat Group
    2. Facebook Group
    3. Welcome Post Template For New Members


Crypto Mining Mastery Course Syllabus

[BONUS training series included with your membership – 21 videos]

  1. Crypto Wallet Staking Guide [Easiest way to earn crypto passively.  Just requires any old computer and a desktop wallet] [5 videos]
    1. Encrypting Your Wallet
    2. Backing Up Your Wallet Data File
    3. How To Secure Your Crypto Wallet Private Keys
    4. How To Use Tron Power To Earn TRX Passively
    5. How To Earn Passively With NEO
  2. Crypto Masternode Setup Guide [Masternodes are a powerful way to EARN CRYPTO PASSIVELY] [5 videos]
    1. How To Setup Your Masternodes Using My Preferred Cold Node Management Platform [EASY, FAST, CHEAP SOLUTION] 
    2. Pre Setup Steps for MANUAL Masternode Installation
    3. Manual Step by Step Installation To VPS
    4. Quick & Easy Masternode Installation via Script
    5. How To Upgrade Sentinel
  3. Cryptocurrency Airdrops [6 videos]
    1. Airdrop Platforms & Safety Guidelines To Avoid Getting Hacked
  4. Crypto Hardware Mining ‘Getting Started’ Info
  5. Crypto Mining Mastermind Chat Group on Slack [Where you can get support in regard to mining, and learn about the latest and greatest coins to stake / masternode / mine.] [2 videos]


Social Media Networking & Lead Generation Mastery Course Syllabus

[BONUS training series included with your membership – 9 videos]

  1. Everyday Posting & Idea Generation Strategy [Training for Facebook & Linkedin]
  2. The 5-10 [or more] Highly Targeted Leads Per Day Method
  3. How to handle the conversation with prospects
  4. Powerful Social Media Networking Scripts
  5. Social Media Personal Branding How-To Guide
  6. Learn the secret to ‘Attraction Marketing’ on Social Media
  7. Learn my secret viral promotion strategies for Facebook & Linkedin.
  8. Get discounted access to powerful automation tools / software that you can use to maximise your results on Facebook & Linkedin.

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