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Crypto Wealth Education & Mastermind

In today’s cryptocurrency education platform review we are going to go into more detail about the educational program and mastermind community called Bitcoin Lifestyles Club…

The crypto education & mastermind platform was first created by the uber successful cryptocurrency trader, miner and investor and educator; Caleb Wright back in 2015.

Which was when he first created his mastermind chat group community, which was the start of it all.  He was already entrenched in some mining activities back in 2015 back when bitcoin was only $250 per coin, and he was first investing heavily in it and mining certain altcoins.

The reason he created the mastermind, was to connect people from all over the world that he had been working with in the crypto sphere, who were also interested in working together at mastering and maximising the profits to be had in the cryptocurrency markets through trading and mining.   And so that’s where it all started, and incredible success was generated by himself and his mastermind members as they capitalized on the opportunities in the altcoin bear market back in the 2015-2016, which positioned them for massive profits with the massive bull run that happened for both altcoins and then bitcoin in 2017.

Having become a crypto multi millionaire through this incredible turn of events and the comraderie and teamwork of the mastermind group which led to many correct and life changing trading decisions, he decided to launch a series of crypto wealth generating courses & social media training in the very beginning of 2017.  He ended up packaging his comprehensive video based training platform with his Crypto Markets Mastermind Group on Slack to create the platform that is now called Bitcoin Lifestyles Club!

In this cryptocurrency course review you are going to learn about the value you are going to get out of the sections of each educational ‘Laptop Lifestyle’ course that comes with the Bitcoin Lifestyles Club membership access.  By the end of this post you will have a clear idea of the kind of growing value that is offered by this educational platform.

Your Bitcoin Lifestyles Club LIFETIME Membership Includes:

  1. Crypto Trading Mastery
  2. Crypto Mining Mastery
  3. Facebook Networking & Lead Generation Mastery
  4. Crypto Markets Mastermind Chat Group on Slack

As a member you gain access to three incredible courses that will help you bring you life to the next level financially.  The first two courses will empower you with multiple strategies for income generation with crypto through trading and mining.  The third course provides you with social media networking and profit strategies for Facebook [it has been recently announced that this section will soon expand to offer training on networking and traffic generation with the fastest growing social media platform; Instagram.  As well as automation / marketing software for Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.]

Lets begin by going into further detail about the main course of Bitcoin Lifestyles Club; Crypto Trading Mastery.

Crypto Trading Mastery Course Syllabus in Detail:

This course was built to work for everyone from the complete crypto newbie who has never used bitcoin, the person who has been dabbling with using and maybe even trading crypto’s, to people who actually have experience with trading crypto and/or various financial markets.

So you will find very base level beginner content in the beginning that provides some basic blockchain education and gets you started with buying, using and securing your first bitcoin wallet.

Beginners Content:

  1. Start Your Bitcoin Lifestyles Blockchain Education
    1. Educational blockchain content.
  2. Learn How To Get Bitcoin
    1. Coinbase training.
  3. Bitcoin Wallet Tutorials
    1. Including cold storage wallet tutorials!

Then it starts to get into the more interesting as the course brings you through a more intermediate level of content; The Fundamentals of Crypto Trading.

Fundamentals of Crypto Trading:

    1. This video explains the order in which to complete all the videos before beginning any trading.
  2. Security Fundamentals To Protect Your Accounts
    1. Learn how to maximise your 2FA and other security settings for your wallets & exchange accounts.
  3. Learn Satoshi Value
    1. You will learn how to read satoshi value [the strange looking numbers you may have seen on ‘crypto exchanges’.
  4. Managing Your Emotions & Becoming A Trading Ninja
    1. Learn the proper mindset for trading & investing in the crypto market.
  5. How To Read Japanese Candlesticks & Charts
    1. Learn how to read the price action in the candlestick charts on a crypto exchange.
  6. Crypto Day Trading Basics / Fundamentals
    1. Learn the basics / fundamentals of day tradng cryptocurrencies
  7. Risk Management Fundamentals
    1. Learn the basics to exercising good risk management.
  8. Example Money Management Strategy
    1. Learn how to strategically manage your position in a crypto trade.
  9. Bitcoin UP Altcoins DOWN Explained
    1. Learn about the correlation between the bitcoin & altcoin markets.
  10. Finding Support & Resistance Levels
    1. Learn about support and resistance levels, and the basics to finding them.

The next section of training on ‘Fundamental Analysis’ is super important, because it will help you be able to separate the strong projects you should be trading, investing & mining from the weak projects that will eventually disappear [with investors money.]  It will also help you strategize your trading on the good assets you are positioning with, based on their development, news and fundamental growth events.

Fundamental Analysis:

  1. What Creates Value In A Cryptocurrency
    1. We will go over the factors that create real world value in a cryptocurrency.
  2. How-To Do Your Own Market Research
    1. Learn how to do your own research on cryptocurrencies, information sources, where to search etc..
  3. ICO / Initial Coin Offering Research Fundamentals
    1. Provides a checklist of factors to consider when analyzing an ICO, and trying to determine if it will be a good investment / trade.

This next section of training on ‘Technical Analysis’ will arguably be one of the most important sections of training in the entire course.  In this section of the training you will learn about market cycles and how to trade them for maximum profit.  You will learn how to identify bullish and bearish candlestick patterns.  You will learn how to use key momentum indicators that will help you become powerful with your technical analysis and make the best trading decisions more consistently as a result.  This is knowledge / training is what separates the pretenders from the real successful crypto traders & investors.

Technical Analysis:

  1. Coinigy Cryptocurrency Charting Platform Walkthrough / Tutorial
    1. Learn the in’s and out’s of using our preferred crypto markets charting platform.
  2. Understanding Market Cycles [Part 1: Theory]
    1. This is going to help you understand the theory / strategy to maximising your mid to long term gains with the crypto market.
  3. Understanding Market Cycles [Part 2: In The Charts]
    1. This video will show you market cycles within the charts, making it easy to understand.
  4. How To Identify Continuation Patterns
    1. Learn how to identify bullish and bearish continuation patterns and how to trade them.
  5. How To Identify Reversal Patterns #2: Double Tops & Double Bottoms
    1. Learn how to identify the reversal point in the trend. [ex. the point at which a bull market reverses into a bear market correction, or bear market reverses back into a bull market.]
    2. Learn how to trade trend reversals
  6. How To Identify Reversal Patterns: Head & Shoulders
    1. Learn how to identify the Head & Shoulders trend reversal pattern.
    2. Also learn about the Inverted Head & Shoulders pattern.
    3. Learn how to trade each one.
  7. How To Use The Fibonacci Retracement Tool
    1. Learn how to use Fib Retracements in your analysis to maximise your profits on bullish reversals from trend corrections.
  8. How To Use The Fibonacci Extension Tool
    1. Learn how to predict the future potential growth of a currency, using Fib Extension levels in your analysis.
  9. How To Use Momentum Indicators [Moving Averages, RSI & Stochastic RSI]
    1. Learn how to use these indicators to get a feel for the overall current direction of a coin market, and whether it is ‘oversold’ or ‘overbought, which will dictate how you should be trading.
  10. How To Identify The Adam & Eve Double Bottom Pattern [Bullish Trend Reversal Indicator]
    1. Learn how to identify a classic double bottom bullish reversal pattern that happens most often at the end of bear market corrections.
  11. How To Use The MACD [Moving Average Convergence Divergence] Momentum Indicator
    1. Learn how to use the powerful MACD indicator get a good reading on whether momentum is increasing or waning in either direction.  Very powerful for shorter term swing trades as well as longer term trades where you are analyzing on higher time frames.

Now the way Caleb has structured the course, he wanted to make sure that you have a solid foundation before you started trading.  So that you would first have the knowledge and resources to make better trading decisions from the get-go and minimize on mistakes that can cost you profit.  So that is he waited until this next section of training, to teach you how to use the recommended Cryptocurrency Exchanges.  This is the section that will show you how to use all the features and functions of the three most popular exchanges that we use.  [More training will come to this section as we add more exchanges, like Binance’s new DEX – Decentralized Exchange – that will be launching in 2019.]

Crypto Exchanges:

  1. Binance Exchange Tutorials
    1. How To Register & Secure Your Trading Account
    2. Binance Exchange Platform Overview
    3. How To Deposit / Withdraw Bitcoin To Your Account
    4. How To Buy & Sell From Order Book
    5. How To Place Strategic Buy & Sell Orders
    6. How To Place Stop-Limit Buy & Sell Orders
  2. Poloniex Exchange Tutorials
    1. How To Register & Secure Your Trading Account
    2. Poloniex Exchange Platform Overview
    3. How To Deposit Bitcoin To Your Account
    4. How-To Buy & Sell From The Order Book
    5. How To Place Strategic Buy & Sell Orders
    6. How To Place Stop-Limit Buy & Sell Orders
    7. Margin Trading: How To Short An Altcoin
      1. [Only for international residents, Poloniex cancelled access to this service for US residents]
    8. How To Earn Passively With Swap Lending
      1. [Only for international residents, Poloniex cancelled access to this service for US residents]
  3. Bittrex Exchange Tutorials
    1. How To Register & Secure Your Trading Account
    2. Bittrex Exchange Platform Overview
    3. How To Deposit Bitcoin / Withdraw To Your Account
    4. How-To Buy & Sell From Order Book
    5. How To Place Strategic Buy & Sell Orders

In this next section of training you will learn about the various types of trading strategies.  You will receive video training on strategies in regard to building your crypto portfolio and scenario specific trading strategies like how to time a bounce trade after a market makes an overextended bullish run up.  Caleb will also provide you with his early adopter trading strategy for maximising your profit on market cycles.

Crypto Trading Strategies:

  1. Types of Trading Strategies
    1. Learn about the various types of trading strategies.
  2. Crypto Portfolio Building Strategy
    1. Learn a powerful strategy for crypto portfolio building.
  3. How To Time A Profitable Bounce Trade
    1. Learn how to time a profitable trade on a coin’s post correction bounce in an exaggerated bull market.
  4. Early Adopter Trading Strategies & Tips
    1. Learn the straregies to maximising on market cycles with early adopter style trading opportunities in the crypto market.
  5. Shitcoin Mining / Trading Strategy by Bitcoin Lifestyles Community Member
    1. Learn a profit strategy involving mining and newly launching, and mostly unheard of coins. [strategy developed by a BLC community member.]

Crypto Portfolio Picks & Market Research Sources:

The next section of massive value in this course, provides an up to date ‘graded’ list of the cryptocurrencies we are trading, investing and mining.  This list evolves based on the constant research conducted by Caleb, his mastermind community, and trusted informational sources that he has tapped into to provide more value to the Bitcoin Lifestyles Club community.

This will be a super valuable go-to resource as you build out your crypto portfolio.  You won’t be playing any guessing games, and you’ll be current with the hottest cryptocurrencies that have potentials for massive growth into the future.  Half the battle here is knowing which coins to trade, invest and mine so you don’t waste your valuable time and resources.

Between the Crypto Portfolio Picks section and your access to our 24-7 Mastermind Chat Group discussion, you can be as thorough as you please when it comes to doing your research and getting second opinions from other experienced crypto traders & investors.

Additional Crypto Markets & Member Resources:

  1. Market Information Resources
    1. In this section you will get a list of valuable market information resources to aid in your market research / staying up to date with developments.
  2. Trading Resources & Bonuses
    1. Learn about a mobile app you can use for charts, price tracking and mobile price notifications for all your favorite cryptocurrencies & exchanges.
  3. Crypto Tax Resources
    1. Current Knowledge on cryptocurrency tax laws
    2. Recommended Cryptocurrency Trading Tracking Software [track your capital gains for tax reporting]
    3. Gain Access To Tax Professionals Who Specialize In Crypto Tax Treatment

Crypto Mining Mastery Course Syllabus in Detail:

The first section of Crypto Mining Mastery provides a ‘Crypto Wallet Staking Guide’.  This is the easiest way to earn crypto passively.  [Just requires any old computer and a desktop wallet]

Crypto Wallet Staking Guide:

  1. Encrypting Your Wallet
    1. Learn how to set a password for your wallet access.
  2. Backing Up Your Wallet Data File
    1. Learn how to properly backup your wallet data file.
  3. How To Secure Your Crypto Wallet Private Keys
    1. Learn how to secure your crypto wallet private keys.
  4. How To Use Tron Power To Earn TRX Passively
    1. Learn how to earn Tron / TRX passively through Delegated Proof of Stake [easier than it sounds]

This second section of Crypto Mining Mastery provides you with a Masternode Setup Guide, using Syscoin as the example.  [which happens to be the most affordable Masternode coin ALSO a project with super strong fundamentals all around.]  The beautiful thing is that once you learn how to setup one masternode, you can setup a masternode for any coin as the process is virtually identical.  This is a detailed video based training on setting up masternodes…

Masternode Setup Guide:

  1. Pre Setup Steps for Masternode Installation
  2. Manual Step by Step Installation To VPS [Virtual Private Server]
  3. Quick & Easy Masternode Installation via Script
  4. How To Upgrade Sentinel

The third section of Crypto Mining Mastery will provide you with strategies and rules of thumb for participating in and even provide a some platforms for ‘cryptocurrency airdrops’.  This is an excellent way to earn free cryptocurrency!

Cryptocurrency Airdrops

  1. Airdrop Platforms & Safety Guidelines To Avoid Getting Hacked
  2. How To Earn Tron and TRC20 Tokens Passively With Tron Power

Cryptocurrency Hardware Mining Education [Text Based]

  • Learn the in’s and out’s of mining cryptocurrency with hardware [steepest learning curve]
  • Also includes access to the Crypto Mining Mastery and Masternode Mania chat groups on Slack!

Facebook Networking & Lead Generation Mastery Syllabus in Detail

In this third BONUS course you will learn the exact strategies that Caleb used to build a following on Facebook that is highly targeted to his specific niche and will buy from him.  You can do the same thing for any niche!  The strategies you will receive are as follows:

  • Everyday posting & idea generation strategy
  • 5-10 [or more] TARGETED Leads Per Day Method
  • How to handle the conversation with prospects
  • Powerful Facebook networking scripts
  • Facebook Personal Branding How-To
  • Learn the secret to ‘Attraction Marketing’ on Facebook
  • Learn my super secret method to creating massive engagement on your Facebook posts.
  • Gain Access to the Bitcoin Lifestyles Club FB Engagement Strategy
  • Learn about the most powerful Facebook Automation Tool available

These methods help you sell anything that you are doing business with.  Whether you are looking to expand with another affiliate income stream, or you are looking to get started with the right affiliate product for your marketing efforts, Bitcoin Lifestyles Club will have you covered with our TWO TIER affiliate compensation plan that pays out commissions on two levels.  This means you can earn commissions whenever anyone you refer, makes a successful referral sale!  Bitcoin Lifestyles Club pays out 25% on the first level and 10% on the second level.

CLICK HERE for more info and to register as an affiliate

The Bitcoin Lifestyles Club social media training offerings will be expanding to offer training on Instagram networking and traffic generation.  Because Instagram is the fastest growing social media platform right behind Facebook, and is the platform that everyone doing business online should be expanding their brand awareness with, because of the massive traffic potential.  Keep an eye out for this expansion of the Bitcoin Lifestyles Club Social Media Profits section, coming soon!

Crypto Markets & Mining Mastermind Chat Group Community on Slack

One of the most powerful parts of the Bitcoin Lifestyles Club program is the Crypto Mastermind Chat Group on Slack, and is worth the price of admission alone!  This incredibly powerful Crypto Mastermind Chat Group is what ties everything together in a neat little package for you.  This is your ultimate resource to work with experienced crypto traders [and some even trading multiple financial markets] from all over the world.  The BLC Crypto Mastermind has over 500 members from all over the world, who are working together on the crypto markets to maximise your profitability and success.

Lets give you a little background on why the Mastermind is going to so powerful for maximising your profits potential with the crypto markets moving forward…

When Caleb Wright first started trading he started a mastermind chat group for people who were interested in working together as a team to maximise their success on trading, investing and mining the cryptocurrency market by sharing their trading ideas, analysis and market research information with each other on a 24-7 basis.  And this has proven to be incredibly effective with people participating from all over the world.

Caleb created this group because he knew with so much happening in the cryptocurrency market everyday, that as one person with only two eyes, two ears, one brain and finite time, you are going to miss out on so many profitable opportunities, because timing in the markets can sometimes mean the difference between making small profits or making life changing money…

The mastermind chat group ended up being the key to their success, as they gained info about certain coins ahead of the curve in comparison to the average crypto investor / traders.  BLC mastermind members had discovered and invested in certain coins through our market research back in the bottom of the last altcoin bear market of 2015-2016.  Each of these coins [XRP, XEM, SYS] ended up having incredible bull runs in 2017, that we were able to capitalize on and make multiple thousands of percent profit.  [he details this with charts in one of his recent blog posts, click here to read it.]

And the Bitcoin Lifestyles Club Mastermind is always on top of the latest and greatest of new and profitable opportunities when it comes to trading, investing, mining, airdrops, forks and more, and 99.9% of the time they will be on top of whatever comes about that is legitimately profitable.  It’s so important to have a lot of good eyes on the market working together as a team, helping each other reach our financial potential.  If you are serious about your success with the crypto markets, this is where you need to be!

Here is an image of what the overall chat interface looks like on the computer installation of Slack.  I personally recommend using it primarily on mobile, so you can take it with you everywhere.  But this was just easier to snap a photo at the moment…


This is where you will make some awesome Crypto Friends from all over the world, who will work together with them to maximise your wealth potential!  This will be your hub for to stay up to date with all aspects of the markets daily and have quality and experienced people to discuss it with.  This is will be your support layer for what you learn in the video based courses, in case you need to ask any questions.  Caleb Wright is also readily available for questions through the app’s private messenger.  They love the cryptocurrency market and have a passion for what they are doing on a daily basis.  The mastermind chat group and the markets are usually the first thing I am tending to check on a daily basis when I first wake up…  it pays to stay ahead of the curve with these markets and there is so much proof of that within the BLC community…

Here are a few testimonials from the Bitcoin Lifestyles Club course & mastermind members:


CLICK HERE to check out more written AND video testimonials from BLC members!

Invest In Yourself & Join Forces With Bitcoin Lifestyles Club…

If you are ready to stop sitting on the sidelines and start preparing [MAXIMISING] for the next crypto market bull run, while the greatest of opportunity is showing it’s face… then I look forward to catch you on the inside of the Bitcoin Lifestyles Club Mastermind Chat Group.


From Beginner to Crypto Trading Expert

We left no stone unturned. The most comprehensive course to help you master the art of trading Bitcoin and crypto. Plus learn how to mine cryptocurrency and create multiple income streams. 

bitcoinlifesetyles course set


At BLC, we are simplifying crypto education and making it easier for average people to participate and profit from the historical digital financial disruption. 

Crypto Wealth Education & Mastermind Review: Bitcoin Lifestyles Club

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