Your BitTorrent Guide To BTT Token Airdrops

I have great news for all current and would-be Tron holders!  There is yet another way you can earn crypto passively by holding TRX in your wallet…

Now you may be aware [and if not let me make you aware…] of Tron’s recent acquisition of the BitTorrent file-sharing website/protocol in 2017…

Tron Foundation is now in the process of improving the BitTorrent service by integrating with ‘blockchain,’ they have created a Tron based TRC-20 token called the BitTorrent token, which will have the ticker symbol BTT. So why is this such great news for Tron / TRX holders?  As a reward for HOD L’ing your Tron through the pre-scheduled airdrop dates, you will receive BTT token at a 1:1 ratio over seven years.

This airdrop will provide you with one BTT token for every TRX token that you hold in your wallet. Some exchanges ‘might’ support the airdrop, I have seen a couple announce support on Twitter…  but the best way to ensure that you get your BTT tokens is to put your Tron in a supported wallet…

[ATTENTION: Still need to get set up with a Tron wallet?  Look out for my next blog post coming soon about the best and most secure mobile wallet for Tron!  I had recommended TronWatch in one of my last blog posts, but it turns out that development has dropped support for the TronWatch wallet.  The wallet’s development has shifted its focus to the TronWatch Market, which will be a Decentralized Exchange that launches sometime in 2019.  Since the TronWatch wallet is no longer going to be updated, I can no longer recommend using it.]
The first BTT airdrop is scheduled for February 11th, 2019, and will be followed by six more airdrops through 2025 that will reward long term TRX holders with BitTorrent tokens.

Check out this image for the complete BTT Airdrop schedule & details…


The BTT token is created and runs on the Tron blockchain as a TRC-10 standard token.  BitTorrent is coming into existence, just like many other notable token projects that have arisen from the Ethereum protocol.  Except for the BitTorrent token already has a real-world use case in development, unlike many of these other tokens. And it is being used to evolve the services of the BitTorrent platform and further decentralize the internet and how content transmits to end-users!
So now that you know how it all works, you can pick up some Tron, secure it in your wallet, and experience the benefit of being an early adopter of the BitTorrent token.  If you found massive value and appreciated this information, please be kind and share it with your friends on social media!
[checkout the official BitTorrent Foundation blog post for even more details about the airdrops]
Keep your eye out for my next FREE Crypto Training post coming soon, where I will teach you how to use one of Tron’s most popular Decentralized Exchanges to trade ‘Tron Tokens’ for profit.


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BitTorrent Airdrop Information / Guide: How To Get BTT Token by Holding Tron

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