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See below the full course details covering everything from Bitcoin and blockchain education, to advanced trading strategies, to profiting with mining crypto and more. 

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Join our Crypto Mastermind Chat group and learn from experienced traders from all over the world, who have multiple market cycles under their belts.  And it’s all hosted on a free mobile app [Slack], so you can take the conversation with you, wherever you go.  There is no better way for you to excel with your learning and trading!

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Bitcoin & Blockchain 101

Getting started with Bitcoin

• Starting your blockchain basics education
• Important setup tips and being smart with your coins
• Learning best practices for buying and storing Bitcoin
• Setting up your wallets securely and safely

10 Commandments of Crypto Trading

[Crucial Beginners Training]

These videos provide you with the needed informational foundation and mindset to prepare you to fully grasp what you will learn in the Crypto Trading Fundamentals section of the course and beyond.

Crypto Trading Fundamentals

Learn The Basics Of Trading

In-depth beginner level training that prepares you to have success with technical analysis and reading charts. 

How it Works

Fundamental Analysis

Learn How To Do Market Research

  • What Creates Value In A Cryptocurrency
  • How-To Do Your Own Market Research
  • ICO/Initial-Coin-Offering Research Fundamentals

Technical Analysis & Trading Strategies

Learn the powerful yet simple ‘Pro Level’ strategies for analyzing and trading the crypto market.

In this section, we will cover charting platforms and introduce you to market cycles. We will show you how to identify various patterns and indicators to help you make better judgment and more calculated risks.

We continue our training by identifying opportunities in the market. In this section, we go over reversal patterns, Fibonacci, RSI, and some other powerful techniques we have learned along the way that helps our students become more well-rounded and ultimately successful traders.

Dive into some more technical analysis with trends and trend reversals. We also cover a variety of wave theories so you can gain more insight into volume.

Crypto Exchange Tutorials

We provide you with easy to follow, step by step video training for a list of ‘trusted’ cryptocurrency exchange solutions.

trade btc

In this training, we cover the ins and outs of trading on exchanges. This training includes buying, selling, and placing custom orders along with a variety of other essential tips and tricks to help you become a better trader. 

Crypto HOT Picksding

Browse Through Our Dozens Of Researched Coins


Not only will you see our favorite collection of coins we have researched over the years, but you will also learn how to study and analyze coins you have an interest in trading. 

Crypto Mining Mastery

Easiest Way To Earn Crypto Passively. 

Learn how to properly encrypt and backup your wallet and see our favorite ways to earn passively from the coins you own. 

Setting up your crypto masternode is a powerful way to earn additional income, and we walk you through the entire process. 

See how to mine multiple coins and get set up to start receiving airdrops, which is basically like being rewarded with free coins. 

Bonus Materialg

Crush The Crypto Market With Powerful Trading Strategies

Here is a ton of extra content and videos to help you truly become an expert crypto trader. This arsenal of videos and resources will continue to grow, so make sure to keep checking back. You will find relevant videos about trading on exchanges, and there are useful tax documents that can save you a ton of time and money. 

bitcoin 101

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If you know someone that can benefit from this information and wants to learn how to trade crypto, you can earn extra income by simply sharing this course. 

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At BLC, we are simplifying crypto education and making it easier for ordinary people to participate and profit from the historical digital financial disruption. 

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