Click Here to download your BLC Social Media Mastery Toolkit

  • [There will also be a download link for this software available in the Social Media Mastery Course training area for this software, in your BLC members area.]
  • You can download and install the software for now.  Then you can keep an eye out for another email to come to you via within the next 24 hours [usually much faster] that will contain your software license so you can get started using it to grow your business!
  • Be sure to utilize the #Social-Media-Mastery channel of the slack group as a support area and to discuss your usage of the software and marketing strategies in general.
  • There will also be a link to a Telegram support group within the training area, for strictly technical support issues that can be services by the developer.

I look forward to help you have massive success with growing your business online via social media and this software… 

Here is a direct link to the software training area in the BLC backoffice.