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Crypto Trading Mastery & Chat Group - $297 USD

Crypto Trading Mastery & Chat Group - $297 USD

  • Full Spectrum Video Based Training: Basic Training for Complete Noobs, Advanced Training for Novice Traders & Trading Veteran's.
  • Guide To Using The Top Cryptocurrency Exchanges
  • Day Trading Fundamentals / Strategy
  • Advanced Trading Strategies / Methods of Technical Analysis
  • Market Research Strategies & Sources
  • My Personal Market Research & Portfolio Picks
  • Learn how to profit passively by leveraging 'hard fork' and 'airdrop' [free coin] opportunities
  • Private Crypto Mastermind Chat Group [a 24-7 crypto markets discussion on Slack]
  • Includes Access to Crypto Mining Mastery: Learn how to setup Masternodes and participate in wallet staking to earn crypto 100% passively!
  • Private Crypto Mining Mastermind Chat Group [stay on top of the best coins to mine and learn how to setup a mining rig]
  • Ongoing added value / new trainings as I 'learn and earn' in the cryptocurrency industry and pay it forward to my members!
Facebook Networking & Lead Generation Mastery - $97 USD

Facebook Networking & Lead Generation Mastery - $97 USD

  • Everyday posting & idea generation strategy
  • 5-10 [or more] Leads Per Day Method
  • How to handle the conversation with prospects
  • Powerful Facebook networking scripts
  • Facebook Personal Branding How-To
  • Learn the secret to 'Attraction Marketing' on Facebook
  • Learn about the most powerful Facebook Automation Tool available

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Shelby Dane Sowell

Shelby Dane Sowell

Cryptocurrency Miner & Trader

John Reilly

John Reilly

Cryptocurrency Trader / Networker

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