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How To Use Tron Power To Earn TRX Passively Part 2 [TronWatch Wallet]

How To Use Tron Power To Earn TRX Passively Part 2 [TronWatch Wallet]
In my latest video about Tron, I’m going to show you the latest wallet that we are preferring to use to earn Tron / TRX passively.

UPDATE: We have since switched to the mobile ‘Tron Wallet Me’ wallet.  Look out for my next blog post coming soon about the best and most secure mobile wallet for your Tron / TRX!  I had recommended TronWatch in one of my last blog posts, but it turns out that development support is being dropped for the TronWatch wallet.  The wallet’s development has shifted their focus to the TronWatch Market, which will be a Decentralized Exchange that launches sometime in 2019.  This basically means that the TronWatch wallet as it stands is no longer going to be updated and I can no longer recommend using it.]


I first introduced the TronScan web wallet a few blog posts ago, but we have since decided to move to the TronWatch wallet for storage because desktop wallets are typically more secure.  We are still using TronScan however for it’s DEX [decentralized exchange] which trades the TRC-10 / TRC-20 tokens that you can earn by participating in Tron’s delegated proof of stake [passive earning] process via the TronWatch wallet.


[I will do a video in the near future that will provide you training on how to use the Tron DEX to trade your Tron Tokens.  Keep your eye on this space!]


So in the following video tutorial, I’m going to show you how to…
  • Earn money daily [like interest or dividends] just by holding a coin you are already investing in for a mid to long term trade.
  • This is powerful because it gives you the opportunity to earn a residual income by holding Tron off of the exchange.
  • In this video I will show you how to use the TronWatch wallet to freeze your Tron and which Tron super affiliate you can vote for with your Tron Power to earn free tron / TRX and tron based tokens daily!
  • TronWatch is also supported by the Ledger Nano S cold storage / hardware wallet, for access.

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